Artist Statement

Thesis show.jpg

We are immersed in a visual world, and yet only a small amount of what we see on a daily basis impacts us enough to become an experience. There is a fundamental difference between passive and active seeing, and this transition in awareness is what gives us true visual experiences. I investigate and recreate these moments of engagement, drawing from my own instances of active seeing, and creating images that translate the wonder of experience, memory, and the human mind. What results is a human expression of commonplace objects and spaces, resting in both life and the human consciousness. By deleting and amplifying certain elements of each image, I hope to provoke emotion, recollection, and experience by exemplifying and reimagining the most memorable elements of each instance. I work to discover how these experiences impact our understandings of the world, and how we view imagery, interested in how our present experiences are indivisible from out past.